Time under the gibbet

The more I opened my eyes, the blurrier it got. My pupil’s demurral towards the bright rays could compete with a goat’s qualm against the butcher. A fresh wave of saliva washed my throat. I felt my lips with my tongue. It was worse than the taste of a dead sockeye salmon.

A hot breeze blew the hair off my face. The deafening tranquillity made me feel like I was in the middle of a Byzantine carousel, only louder. Regaining senses at that time apeared very taxing, but the more I tried to surrender to the moment, the easier it got. I knew I was seeing & not hallucinating for the endless vastness of the desert that lay around me dreadfully justified the pain every heartbeat in my chest was.
I mumbled ,”What the fuck?! How much longer …”. My gaze suddenly fell upon the slithering green mass under my cage. It stopped & looked at me directly with an ashen stare, one deadlier than Shahar’s. I knew that look. Its name was ‘Time’. Its been slithering that way since forever. Three other grotesque figures danced below me. Their feet’s ryhtm was incredibly synchronized with every breath of mine. They weren’t just phantoms of some delusional imagination, they were as real as the bars of the gibbet I was in.

I woke up drowning in a pool of sweat. I felt too tired to breathe. But then if I had other choices, I would have adopted them by now. So i inhaled slowly & deeply. Its been three years & the show would go on. I just wish I had a more comfortable seat in the balcony.



~ by soundswaste on July 21, 2007.

6 Responses to “Time under the gibbet”

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  2. Absolutely amazing illustration!

  3. Thanx a lot, thats really encouraging ! keep visiting !!! 🙂

  4. WTF ! :O

  5. Awesome shit man ! XD

  6. thanx man ! 😉

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